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3 September, 2015

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Wall jump from left to right to get higher and higher while avoiding spikes and collecting gems in this colorful pixel-style action game. Featuring true pixel graphics and flashing colors, this fast action game will delight as much as it will frustrate. Collected gems can be used to unlock new color profiles which otherwise are an in-app purchase away. With one-touch controls (tap to jump, hold to slide down a wall) Jumpy Wall can be played by anyone but it will take serious skills to get to a reasonable height.


Jumpy Wall is the first game by pixelrock, an originally freelance development studio. The company was founded by Pim Coumans and used to design and develop small websites and later iOS applications. After becoming a full-time employee at an app development company in Amsterdam, pixelrock didn't get much attention.

After three years working as iOS developer, Pim quit his job to pursue a career in game development. He saved enough money to last more than half a year without an income. The idea was to create a small game that would appeal to a large audience. Pretty soon he came up with the mechanic of jumping from wall to wall with one touch and expected to finish the game within a month. The rest of the time he planned to spend on making a bigger game.

As the game grew bigger and bigger, Pim felt that this should be his big project as well. Unable to ship something that he couldn't be 100% proud of, 'Jumpy Wall' got all the attention it needed. The name Jumpy Wall was just a funny working title at the time, referencing mobile success Crossy Road, which in turn hat-tipped Flappy Bird. From first prototype to finished product the game took exactly six months to make. During those six months Pim not only learned who to make a game, but also got a feeling of all the extra work needed to get the game out there.


  • Colorful fast wall jumping action
  • Easy controls: tap to jump, hold to slide
  • Unforgivingly difficult obstacles
  • Collect gems, avoid spikes, don't die
  • Pixel-accurate graphics. Every pixel is the same size. No rotated big pixelated sprite, no varying resolutions
  • 8-bit-style sound effects, with unique effects for higher gem combos
  • Dynamic background music that gets faster as you ascend
  • Unlockable color schemes of which the colors shuffle randomly during gameplay


Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Gameplay Video YouTube, Vimeo


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Jumpy Wall progress
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About pixelrock

Founded in Utrecht, 2008, pixelrock has just started making games. It's first tile is Jumpy Wall - Endless Walljumper. The company exists of one person, Pim Coumans, but gets marketing help from Nynke Kloppenburg.

More information
More information on pixelrock, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Jumpy Wall Credits

Pim Coumans
Design and Development, pixelrock

Ron Middelberg
Design additional color schemes

Nynke Kloppenburg

Jaap Rozema

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks